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 We sell the best Swedish wallpaper brands. Regardless your taste, we have it. Brands like Boråstapeter, Duro and Majvillan makes sure that the design and quality is perfect.Free shipping on all orders

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Swedish wallpaper - Design, tradition & quality

Our passion is wallpaper and then preferably Swedish wallpaper. Whether it is historical floral wallpapers or modern wallpapers, we love tradition and quality. We believe that you should wallpaper at least every ten years. It is of course a matter of taste and we are very biased. Welcome to us!

Swedish craftsmanship with historic wingspan & modern design

In Sweden, we have been manufacturing wallpaper for hundreds of years. Technology has been refined and trends have come and gone. Never before have we had such a large range that takes us through many years of history and tradition.


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Lisskar Hanna – Kurbits – Wallpaper panel

Lisskar Hanna is a wallpaper panel designed by the artist Stina Kallin from Insjön, Dalarna. It is inspired by the Dalarna paintings carried out by itinerant farmers from Leksand and Rättvik in Dalarna during the 19th century.