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Majvillan’s Swedish wallpaper – Organic textiles

Majvillan is a Swedish brand that loves the beautiful and cares about the environment and sustainability.

In the spring of 2013, Majvillan launched its first wallpaper collection and during the autumn of the same year, this collection was followed up with textiles and posters. There are now just over 60 different wallpapers in the collection and several different textile patterns and posters.

Beautiful children's wallpapers in pastel colors

Majvillan's design is characterized by both graphic forms and figurative motifs. The colors consist of slightly smoky pastel tones in combination with lots of gray and white. Gold prints have also found their way into some of Majvillan's patterns to add that extra little sparkle.
Majvillan's founder - Charlotta Sandberg
Behind Majvillan is Charlotta Sandberg, who is Majvillan's creator and founder. The brand name comes from their house called "Majvillan". Charlotta Sandberg tells;

- We wanted to give our house a name that would convey the feel we wanted our house to feel and Majvillan felt right in many ways. The month of May is a time of anticipation when nature wakes up and the colors are bright and bright. From an empty shell the world is gilded and life awakens. My wish with the Majvillan brand was kept in the same feeling, so the choice of the name was obvious!

Children's wallpapers with animal and figure patterns

When I draw patterns, I am inspired by the feeling that they should shine. I am drawn to creating small worlds and places that I want to visit. The colors are very important, a color can be so much more than a color. Some colors radiate, others are preserved. I'm looking for colors and shapes that are happy, high-spirited and relaxing at the same time. My love for what is beautiful drives me very much. I love to compose spaces both on paper and in reality. Creativity makes me feel alive and it's just a matter of lifting my hat and thanking our Creator for the joy and satisfaction that a beautiful still life can give. Nothing vital in any way, but absolutely wonderful nonetheless! "


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