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Why we sell Swedish wallpapers?

Why do we sell Swedish wallpapers online? The short answer is: it is our passion. We love interior design. We love colors. Wallpapers are such a big part of your homes design. A boring room suddenly changes and becomes amazingly nice. If you feel the same, you are exactly at the right place. Much Welcome!

Wallpapers are cheap

How much money do you spend on your home? How many times are you investing in your homes design? When did you last time change your wallpapers? I think you get my point. Over the years, most people don´t spend so much on their interior design. And if they do, the cost is very low if you spread the investment over some years.

How should I think when choosing a wallpaper?

We get this question a lot. People has a tendency to think that if they make a bad choice the world falls apart. I agree, I have been there myself. What was my solution you ask? I changed the wallpaper. If you know the basics of removing and adding a wallpaper it is quite funny to do it. Actually you want to change the wallpaper at least every 5:th year. The feeling is so rewarding after you are finished. Don´t be afraid. What is more trendy than having a cool bold wallpaper? It tells a lot about who you are. Show it!

By following these easy steps you can narrow down and easier find the right wallpaper for you:

    • Do you want a bright or dark wallpaper?
    • Do you want colours? What colour fit in the room?
    • Is the ceiling high or low? If you have a high ceiling you can go for a darker colour without getting a feeling of darkness.
    • Do you have a lot of windows in the room? This can also guide you if you want a dark or bright colour.
    • Do you prefer traditional, historical or modern wallpapers?
    • Are you going to put up the wallpaper yourself or a professional? Most of our wallpapers are non-woven and easy to put up.
    • If you need advice’s just contact us. We are willing to help out.
    • Watch the video below.

Swedish kurbits traditional wallpaper

This design is origin from Dalarna, Sweden. The heart of Sweden. Full of traditional design and history.

swedish wallpapers. Design your home with history and tradition

We have the best Swedish wallpaper brands

Boråstapeter, Duro, Majvillan. Our choice is not random. We only want the best. 

swedish traditional design wallpapers

Region of Dalarna, Sweden – Tradition and design

In the heart of Sweden, in a region called Dalarna. That´s where you find us. Dalarna has a long tradition of handcrafts and traditional design. The vast forests, the work in the fields and the poor old days have influenced both design and materials. 

Royal influence on the wallpapers

The Kingdom of Sweden has a lot of castles. We can strongly recommend to visit some of them. You can see some of them here.—> 

If you love wallpapers, like we do, you will see that many of the wallpapers in the castles are here on our web shop today. If you look at our historical wallpapers you may find something that fits in your own “castle”.

royal castle drottningholm sweden wallpapers

How to put up wallpaper – 

It is impressive to see a professional put up wallpaper. Fast and effective with perfect fitting. But maybe you want to save some money by doing it yourself? With some patience and preparations it is quite simple. Have a look at this video and just start. The new non-woven wallpapers are very easy to put up.

Schwedische Tapeten – Your wallpaper web shop

Now when you want to change your wallpaper, what will be the next step? Maybe you have a lot of questions. We are experts and ready help out. Any question you may have we are more than willing to answer to. Use our contact form here —>